Shadow is our new Border Collie. Selwyn is looking forward to training her for the sheep, and he is planning to breed and train Collies for sheep herding.


We do already have a Collie – Jill – who is very good. We plan to have mainly pasture on our new property so we can think about increasing our herd. The dogs are happiest when working and it is a pleasure to watch them rounding up the sheep.

The new building is coming along, it is actually quite interesting as pretty much all the building is done with lumber we have made with the trees off this property. Photos to come.



Meet the new additions to the Corlan Farm and Vineyard

The twin lambs in the pen were born at the end of January , they got to be out in the sunshine romping around before we got hit by the heavy snow fall.

The one being fed is also from a set of twins, it seems her brother is getting the lions share of mom’s milk. We are up to 6 lambs with two more ewes expected to give birth this month.
unnamed (2).jpg
The vineyard is progressing very nicely under the able hand of Laurie; she had the whole top panel pruned (red grapes) and has started the bottom which is mainly Ortega, (white wine grapes). We will be in great shape for this year’s crop!
Sam is making great progress with our farm implement building, can hardly wait to start using the bays and getting our equipment under shelter.
We have the sawmill running almost daily to provide the lumber for the building.
Almost all the building here has been done with lumber cut from the trees we cleared to make room for the vineyard.
Work is progressing on our new property to the west of us; Selwyn has put in the culvert and done the ditching up the south side of the land; now some more clearing then fencing.